When Selectress Iriela started in the music world in 1996 many knew her from the airwaves of the “Rockers” reggae program on 88.9FM WERSFM in Boston. Synchronous to this, percussionist/ vocalist Sheyi Olagunju was gathering inspiration from Offa, Nigeria. Many know Sheyi from his work with Alpha and Olmega, and Anane Vega’s imprint NULU Records – and live percussion performances around the world with the Grammy award winning Louie Vega. Iriela and Sheyi were brought together in veteran house music producer DJ Romain’s Metro Trax Studios in Brooklyn New York. Iriela was inspired by the feeling she’ get driving through the city at night took pen to paper to write spoken word verses – the words “no sleep” being extracted as the chorus of the track. The midnight session captured Iriela’s velvety voice with Sheyi’s haunting Yoruba, Edo and Nigerian Pidgin invocations. The track’s sonic juxtaposition of hard and soft, and male/female vocals and the instrumentation / arrangements were led by Romain, and Sheyi’s subtle yet poignant percussion punctuated this dark dance floor banger.

From her reggae radio days Iriela’s horizons have expanded to what she calls a “genre-smashing” style as a DJ and producer with many influences from two decades of global production and humanitarian work with her Second World Group. Iriela has had a lifelong love affair with music – singing as a child, studying audio production and film at Emerson College, apprenticing in live sound for the original House of Blues in Boston, voicedspots for KISS FM, wrote music reviews for Beat Magazine, was an entertainment correspondent in Kingston, Jamaica for IRIE FM and field marketing rep for Heartbeat Records. Iriela is the creator of Culture Fest International, a modern interactive arts and music festival inspired by Live AID festivals and the Director of the documentary project, Reggae Revolution. She runs both Second World Sessions radio program as well as a monthly event series called 1978.

Sheyi’s hometown Offa was first settled around AD 1000 by Yoruba. The praise name of Offa is “Ijakadi Loro Offa” a Yoruba phrase meaning “wrestling is our game.” Like that of the drum, Sheyi’s game is to ensure you do not forget his reverberating message. He is featured on the most recent Masters At Work Elements of Life album and is the resident percussionist for the famed Dance Ritual festivals worldwide. His voice jumps through the microphone and into your ears. It all makes perfect sense when you come to find out his hometown mascot is actually the peacock bird – a vibe that is exotic and powerful.

“No Sleep (TILL NYC)” is a deep Afro-tech house anthem celebrating the mystery and intrigue of New York City upon nightfall. The track created by Selectress Iriela & Sheyi Olagunju find its way thanks to production of Dj Romain that deliver some mixes here and by the remix of Baresi Productions with two different deep underground versions.


1. No Sleep (Till NYC) (Original Mix)
2. No Sleep (Till NYC) (Ro’s Afro Jam Mix)
3. No Sleep (Till NYC) (Ro’s NYC Dub Mix)
4. No Sleep (Till NYC) (Brooklyn Dub Mix)
5. No Sleep (Till NYC) (Afro Dub Mix)
6. No Sleep (Till NYC) (Baresi Deep NYC Mix)
7. No Sleep (Till NYC) (Baresi Underground Mix)

Song concept by Selectress Iriela
Performed by Selectress Iriela & Sheyi Olagunju
Repeater drum by Sheyi Olagunju
Production by Romain Gowe a.k.a. Dj Romain
Tracks 1-2-3-4-5 Produced, edited, mixed and mastered by Dj Romain@Metro Trax Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Tracks 6-7 Produced, edited, mixed and mastered by Baresi 4 Baresi Productions.
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No Sleep (Till NYC)

Release Date : November 26, 2015
Artist : Selectress Iriela + Sheyi Olagunju
Genre : ,
Format : Digital Download