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Selectress Iriela


Second World Foundation is the brainchild of Selectress Iriela and was born out of her international work as a filmmaker, activist, DJ and journalist to celebrate deep cultural understanding and economic empowerment through education and global citizenship. There are three parts to the mission: First, arming nonprofits worldwide with cutting edge technologies to better tell their stories. Second: nurturing cultural enrichment in our classrooms, enlightening the young and old with the unique beauty as well as common dreams we share. Finally: deploying a force of empowerment keepers and inspiration gatherers worldwide as the next generation of global citizens. Award winning journalists and adventurers alike uncover what is right about our world, shining a light on sustainable solutions.

Beat Research is a monthly experimental party music event run by Antony Flackett (DJ Flack), who teaches a hands-on class at MassArt by the same name and Pacey Foster (aka DJ PACE) a true Beat Scholar/PartyRocker. The studio courses focus on the students producing work influenced by the cultures of hip-hop and electronic music. Students learn the techniques of sampling, sequencing, and drum programming using current music-making software, including Reason and Ableton Live. Most assignments will involve the creation of music, but we will also go over the production of video and multimedia.

Second World Sessions is the radio program and event series supporting the work of non profit Second World Foundation, celebrating global music sonic intersections of the electronic and the indigenous created by Selectress Iriela. The program was launched via famed Halcyon Record Shop in Brooklyn New York with in-depth producer and artist features from an insider’s perspective. Second World Sessions also manifested as an event series at legendary night spot, Sutra NYC. The goal of the program and event series is to unite global innovations in music from multiple genres, incorporating electronic music, experimental sounds, as well as indigenous beats and hip hop to listen for that ancestral wisdom passed to us through the beat of the drum, our collective heart….for a better world. 

Bubbling up from Boston’s underground during the late 1990s, the Toneburst Collective was a loose-knit crew of DJs, electronic musicians, and video-and installation-artists, who together produced approximately 20 large-scale multi-media events in offbeat locations around New England and New York. More carnival than rave or concert, the crew’s productions mixed experimental beats, video, and performance art in unorthodox spaces.

The goal of Deep² is to bring together house music lovers from all of the different branches of the genre. Focusing on deep and soulful house music, but also including tech house, afro house, and classic house; Deep² is a place where all house music is respected and celebrated. Deep² events feature talents from the Boston and beyond, each one bringing something a little different and special to the event.

Iriela is a proud alumni of “Rockers,” this show, started by now President of MTV Networks Doug Herzog was the longest running drive time reggae radio program in the United States. WERS FM is the #1 college radio station in America, an award the station has won or come close to winning almost every year since The Princeton Review started ranking colleges. While Iriela was known for her time on the Rockers program, she also filled in on the acclaimed Gyroscope (world music), Jazz Oasis, Mothership (funk) and Bluesology respective programs.

Fashionably Fair is an ethical advocacy campaign promoting the efforts of global innovators in conscious fashion. The campaign features cutting edge upcycled, modified vintage, eco-lux and organic designers and initiatives and features acclaimed photographers, interesting locations and rising stars of the entertainment and fashion world as the faces of this revolution.

Exceptional all-vinyl music selection whether I am in France or New York City – funk, soul, rare grooves, hip-hop and other delicious gems.

Exceptional and internationally minded web design crew who are great to be around and work with! This is a top notch Web Design, Development and Consulting company that is committed to the success of their clients!

Founded by Selectress Iriela, Culture Fest International is an ethical global events series. Beginning as guerilla events that were mashups of performance art, dance, live music, video installations and DJ culture outdoors among the historic mill buildings of Lowell MA, the series has featured hundreds of international performers, artists, and brands. CFI evolved over the last decade from small experimental events to welcome more than 5000 in attendance in honor of the new shift to global consciousness.

Founded by Jam Master Jay of Run DMC in 2003, with the goal of lowering the barrier of entry to the art form of the DJ, Scratch DJ Academy offers packaged programs in DJ Certification and Music Certification to hone world-class DJ skills and basics of sampling, synthesis, sequencing, sound design, mixing/mastering techniques and more.

Let’s take it BACK .. to the classic era of the late 1970’s when funk, soul, disco, reggae & rumblings of new sounds like hip hop were upon us – and visit the eras, corners of our world and genres enriched by our golden era. Travel on this journey through dance into the roots of our club culture & far beyond into the future of all things funky and soulful. Launched with the inspiration of this musical epicenter in February 2015 in New York City with Selectress Iriela as resident, a stellar lineup of talent has been unleashed thus far including Salvatore Principato of Liquid Liquid,  Misbehaviour, Brian Coxx, Natasha Diggs, Joey Carvello, legendary Breakbeat Lou among a plethora of the world’s most gifted and versatile musicians & DJs.