launched her career in 1996 as the host / producer radio personality of the “Rockers” drive time program on 88.9FM, WERS Boston. Iriela established her place in the industry as one of the first female DJs in the biz. Her on air voice defined brands such as Filenes in nation-wide campaigns while Iriela developed her production chops at KISS 108 FM. Soon appearances were made around the country while working with Heartbeat Records, Artists Only, Shanachie and Roir Records while writing music reviews for Beat Magazine. Honing her skills live on the radio allowed her to perfect a unique style on the fly and enrich her musical knowledge in experimental, electronic, house, reggae, hip-hop, funk, jazz and world music. Thriving on the power of music to unite, her first residencies were called “Universal Vibration,” “Movements” and “ZION” where she performed alongside musicians from a range of diasporas in immersive environments – she would go on to travel the world. As a member of Boston’s Toneburst Collective Iriela performed alongside DJ C, Rupture and many experimental music pioneers. She has also opened for the Wailers, Burning Spear, Bunny Wailer, and Ethiopian star Aster Aweke to name a few. She has rocked the hillsides of Jamaica from the airwaves of IRIE FM in Kingston to outdoor dance halls in the hills of Maroon rebel settlements to spots like The Roxy in Boston, and in NYC: Cielo, Panther Room, Nell’s, Lavo, CBGBs, Sutra Lounge, Bembe, Cafe Noir and more – Iriela thrives on the breaking down barriers musically and otherwise. Iriela has introduced hundreds of performers as a Master of Ceremonies and created several television programs and films including “Reggae Revolution” documentary. On the stage with a microphone she is known for her humor and infectious spirit. As a DJ she displays a wide knowledge of music, drawing upon her world wide travels. In the mix, her passion is clear, and the crowd moves to a sensual mix inspiring dance. Whatever the venue, and whatever the country her sound encompasses a globally inspired journey of beats -represented also in her legacy of ventures launched by her production group, Second World. ( Iriela is the founder of Culture Fest International ethical global events which celebrates the global consciousness shift through interactive art, dance, music and fashion. As an actress Iriela appears in an array of films alongside the likes of Tom Cruise and Sarah Jessica Parker and recently was a guest on the Arsenio Hall Show. Iriela has recently made her official entrance into the studio to produce new music being released on Italian label, Deep Booth Records. She runs the 1978 event series celebrating timeless music and “Second World Sessions” radio program at Halcyon Records and sister event series at Sutra in New York City. Iriela is a musical nomad working to create the ultimate experiences for her audience, finding the next banger to rock the dance floor with the goal of harnessing the power of music to change the world.


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🎤Joey Carvello & I will be back on the 1s & 2s for another very special all #vinyl throwdown…
about 10 hours ago | @iriela


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My stomping grounds  So glad for this place as my longstanding refuge!

Thank you @caravanstudios for the star treatment last night pre-show! 😗


Tonight! It's on! @j_girault
Music lovers its going down tonight in Brooklyn! Come see @paidinfull_tahmell rock the mic at along side @selectressiriela on the 1's & 2's & @micah.gaugh live!!! Doors open at 8pm sharp!

Producing commercial for my festival, one of my babies  @rebelvalerieparker
to my conscious global soundz fest! I can still hear the sumptuous sound of in one of the world's most acoustically pridtine spaces   @culturefestinternational
Flashback @ the nation's premiere fair trade arts and music festival launch of destination event series! Wide shot of preparations of commercial shoot with Juanito Pascual flamenco guitarist (pictured)

This Monday is funday at the Silent Barn @micahgaughhotmail_
Monday is funday at Silent Barn

opening for the Wailers @ Boston's Roxy circa the yr 2000! Notice the mail crates in the back 😀

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Check out new portraits of her and @bonesbandbones @carmenvandenberg.bones @rosiebonesx on my portfolio. Hit link in bio  🖤

📸 So much fun shooting w #PeggyPardo! Part 1 ... :) @_peggypardo
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Loved opening for living legend & long time friend @tootsandthemaytals  around this time last year @brooklynbowl