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City Never Sleeps Slipmats
Artist Ben MoonBen Moon Art Exclusive SlipmatsBen Moon and Selectress IrielaBen Moon Art Exclusive SlipmatsBen Moon and Selectress IrielaBen Moon and Selectress Iriela



Pair of high quality hand printed felt slipmats 16th of an inch thick for high performance.  Proceeds benefit Second World Foundation, a non profit started by Selectress Iriela in the year 2000 inspired by life changing experiences while working internationally in economic development initiatives. High quality felt construction for high performance.

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Product Description


Original art for by Ben Moon Inspired by “.. experiences working as an artist in and around New York City, and the unique frenetic energy and rhythm it creates. Each symbol represents something I came across in my travels through its streets, art galleries, and clubs… anything that made me either think, laugh, or feel something… making the entire piece a biographic record of my adventures in the city over time. The symbol of the circle is the great wheel which turns through the sum of these collective thoughts, fears and desires. It has no beginning or end … it spins. ”

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Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 1 x 12 in