Magical moments. Treasure every one of them! Still on a high from an incredible couple dates on tour with my old friend and inspirational legend himself Toots and the Maytals @tootsmaytalsofficial ...50 years in the business, and having overcome so much, created so much, this man is a huge influence on my life & I am thankful for every gem he provides. And the feeling when he listens to my sets and says " hey that's my DJ" with his infectious smile is a wonderful feeling. To have his blessing as I continue into year 25 of DJing and working toward a more conscious world and reggae being at the base of so many huge milestones in my life... It's invaluable and I don't take it for granted for a moment. It was amazing to reconnect to old friends Van Gordon Martin as well, and check these  images by @_peggypardo from day 2!  ♡