to 1997 & the legendary original Beacon Street studio of 88.9FM WERS Boston and my Massive Mondays Rockers radio show where I discovered a passion for DJ culture, journalism, production and so much more....that is still with me today🎙 Previously super softspoken,... I found my voice! and this What's Up Magazine article excerpt talks about my upcoming 'trip  to Jamaica' which sparked a global trek which led to me living in Kingston Jamaica filming my Reggae Revolution documentary, studying sustainable development, a stint at IRIE FM, starting my production company, gallery, non profit and music festival...& amassing a global archive of empowerment stories I shot around the world from JA to India, Peru, Nepal to Egypt and beyond. DJing sparked it all. A deep connection to the world happened like ..electricity.. that those airwaves seemed to catalyze. As I approach my birthday I reflect on these priceless gifts of moments. The same feeling still reverberates each and every time I spin records.  ♡ @selectressiriela @secondworldofficial @secondworldfoundation @fashionablyfair @culturefestinternational @rebelvalerieparker