Last night was insanely dope. If you were there please post a word below to describe it...mine is  many thanks to all who made it so epic!!!!  
"Haaaaay I see you!" When you have to politely make your way thru the circle of dancers just to get to the other side of the room. Lol. This is just a glimpse of how it went down last night @tocatuesdays @bar13nyc In my time, 
I can say that I mastered all of the 5 Elements Of HipHop EXCEPT B-Boying (aka Breakdancing) I think I belong on the turntables!

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#AboutLastNight: Oh what a night.  @easymobee @selectressiriela @djtonytouch tore it down at @tocatuesdays last night. Ridiculous. And you know how much we love our dancers and they were out in full effect showin love all over @bar13_nyc. Also, we  must send a big CONGRATS to our fam  @jazzcoffee1981 and @floatmasterjohn for takin that next step to "I Do"! #NYCNightlife  
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don’t say I didn’t warn ya️ big up @easymobee  on the run around 🏾🏾 tho @iam_selectra closing out strong️ rock the house️ beatstreet I should shut up : @selectressiriela going ham